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Book 6 of the LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS SERIES, a spinoff based on the bestselling HER FULL MOON COWBOYS
April 1, 2014
Siren Publishing Menage Amour
Western | Erotic | Scenes include MM, MF, and M/M/F action | Double Penetration | Anal Sex | Spanking

About the LONE WOLVES series:

They are cowboys torn from their livelihood after a fateful bite changed their destinies forever. When their pack is disbanded by a new alpha, the lone wolves are forced to roam the woods of Shay Falls with no way to return to the ranch life they once knew. Each must find a male pack mate of their own—and a female mate to hold that bond together.


Lana is on the run from a ruthless killer that even her magic cannot save her from. She comes to Shay Falls seeking a safe havenand runs smack into the town’s biggest secret. Seductive and powerful werewolves roam the dark, unfamiliar woods.

 Zane and Jayson have found their mate in Lana, but first they must convince her they can help make her safe again. They believe claiming her will free her from the killer's obsession forever, but even if they’re right, Lana isn’t the only one with enemies. She is soon caught between her lovers, a huntress with a thirst for revenge, and power-hungry wolf brothers who are determined to add Jayson and Zane to their packat any cost.

Rated PG-13 Excerpt:

“Look, I really don’t need an escort,” Lana went on, rubbing absently at the hand he’d kissed.

Jayson eyed her. “You seem in a bigger hurry to get rid of us than you were to crash into me in the first place.”

She lifted her chin. “I’m just not sure I should be hanging around strange men.”

“We’re walkin’, not hangin’,” he said. “And we ain’t strange.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Zane cut in from behind. “Especially not you.”

Lana turned her head in surprise. She wouldn’t have expected humor from him.

He gave her a brief, lopsided grin that sent a happy tingle down her spine. She spun back around to get out of targeting range, but it did little good. She could feel his presence keenly behind her, as urgent and alarming as a stalking predator. Which he was, of course. No one in their right mind would dare turn their back on that.

“Speak for yourself, Zany Boy,” Jayson said. “Or should I tell our lady friend here how you’re just a big old sheep in wolf’s clothin’?”

“Here, Jayson,” Zane said. Jayson turned just in time for her luggage to come hurtling into his midsection. “Why don’t you carry that for a while and stop hoggin’ our company to yourself?”

Jayson caught it with a small grunt. “Fair enough. No reason you should be the only one showin’ off your manly muscles.” Jayson heaved the bag onto his shoulder and gave Lana a wink.

“Don’t mind him,” Zane said as he came up on her other side, forcing Jayson to move back to avoid ploughing into a tree. “No one does. He’s always been too sure of himself for his own good.”

“Not always,” Jayson said from closer behind them than Zane had been. “Only when I’m fated for a sure thing. As you well know.”

The suggestive smolder in those words almost turned her head around on her shoulders. She flicked Zane a sidelong look and saw a simmer that warmed her cheeks. Another spot on her felt warm too, one that rarely registered. She thought of the way Zane had stroked Jayson’s hair and wondered whether she was mistaken about them. Maybe they didn’t think of her as an easy male opportunity. Maybe their hats stood up for a different team entirely. Or partly, at least. Jayson’s had certainly saluted her.

“So, how long you had the hots for wolves?” Jayson asked.

Lana turned and made a face. “I don’t have ‘the hots’ for them,” she said.

“Really.” His eyes were literally glittering with challenge.

A new prickle of sweat broke out on her brow. Hot for wolves, no. Cowboys and Indians were another matter entirely.

“I just like wolves a lot. I don’t know why.”

“Bet a nickel I do,” he said.

Zane cleared his throat loudly. “Are we headed for the rental cabins?”

“That’s right,” she said. “If you’ll just get me within visual range, I can take it from there.”

That would be best. She was tired of trying to figure out these two, including how much male interest was pointed at her from beneath their brass belt buckles.

“Don’t want us knowin’ where you live, eh?” Jayson asked.

She hadn’t had a chance to counter when he stopped abruptly. Zane seemed to notice the change in his partner’s mood a split second before it happened, and he turned to him.

“What is it?” Zane asked.

Jayson was frozen in place, his head tilted upward while he sniffed the air. “Shh,” he said. Then he sniffed again and set Lana’s bag slowly on the ground.

Lana tried inhaling as well, but she only smelled the same rich, earthy scent that had filled her nostrils since getting out of her car. “What’s wrong?” she asked in a whisper.

Now Jayson was acting truly weird, his piercing eyes scanning the area as he headed for the nearest tree and smelled it. Then he backtracked to the tree opposite and did the same.
“Jayson,” Zane said pointedly.

“It was here, right here,” he said, wandering around the other two in circles. “I caught the scent, but now it’s gone.” He bent to examine something on the ground and then stood up. “Help me, Zane.”

If she hadn’t already known their secret, this bizarre scene would raise all sorts of questions about their animal behavior. She caught a glimpse of something promising through the trees and decided the time had come to part ways.

“I’ll just go on ahead,” she said. “You guys finish sniffing around.”

Zane’s eyes flicked between her and Jayson, his face taut and clearly conflicted. Jayson, who moments before seemed determined to never leave Lana alone, no longer seemed to care she existed. She wasn’t sure whether to feel rebuffed or relieved.

“I ain’t gettin’ anythin’,” Zane said, but he set Sage’s carrier down.

“Trust me, I know that scent better than anyone,” Jayson said. Now he was turning circles in one spot. “Zane, come on. We have to pick it up again and track it. Now.”

With a heaving sigh, Zane began searching—and sniffing—in a different area. “It’ll be easier if we shift.”

The men shrank away before her eyes, and the black and gray wolves were busy sniffing the forest floor. All but forgotten, Lana just stood there a moment, staring with raised brows, while Sage loudly protested the reappearance of fangs and fur. Then she shook herself free and lunged for her bags, pulling up the telescoping handle and grabbing the carrier.

“Okay, then,” she muttered as she headed away. “Thanks for everything.”

Lana yanked the suitcase after her as fast as she could and half ran away, praying they wouldn’t suddenly change their minds and chase her down on all fours.

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